Viscopaste PB7 Bandage

VISCOPASTE PB7 BANDAGE 7.5CM x 6M is made from open woven cloth which is impregnated with a paste containing 10% Zinc Oxide. The bandage contains no elastic fibres and does not stretch. VISCOPASTE may be used as a primary dressing over the wound site or skin condition and may be covered with an occlusive bandage or garment. Alternatively it can be used in conjunction with compression therapy**.


VISCOPASTE PB7 provides topical treatment to aid the healing of venous leg ulcers and their associated skin conditions e.g. cellulitis and varicose eczema. 

VISCOPASTE PB7 is also suitable for use in the treatment of chronic eczema and dermatitis.  The bandage provides a moist wound healing environment, helps to reduce skin irritation, soothes, and protects the skin. 

Ordering Information

1 × 12 piecesDescriptionSize
Code 4948Bandage7.5cm × 6mCE 2797
Code 4956Bandage3″ × 10ydUS & Puerto Rico
FP10 Drug Tarrif (UK only)PIP Code
Viscopaste 7.5cm x 6m033-2734
NHS Catalogue (UK only)Code
Viscopaste 7.5cm x 6mEFA 011

Republic of Ireland product poster

  • Contains 10% Zinc Oxide to help relieve irritation and soothe the skin
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Designed for wet and dry ulcers that are surrounded by areas of sensitive skin
  • Does not dry out allowing for easy trauma free dressing changes
  • Up to 7 days wear time provides a cost-effective treatment option

**Always carry out a vascular assessment before applying compression therapy