Barrier cream with 22% dimeticone and 0.1% benzalkonium chloride

Conotrane – helping you to feel comfortable in your skin

When the skin has become damaged due to moisture, irritants or chafing, Conotrane* provides a water-repellent, antiseptic barrier, which is soothing and cooling for the patient.

Suitable for all ages

From babies to the elderly, Conotrane ensures long-lasting protection against skin breakdown in the treatment of nappy rash, moisture associated skin damage, intertrigo and in the prevention of pressure ulcers. Conotrane helps to protect against contamination from bacteria and yeasts and is gentle to apply, which means that skin integrity is promoted.

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  • Barrier cream
  • Long-lasting
  • Soothing & cooling
  • Protects against skin damage

Currently only available in UK

*For external use only. Always use this medicine as prescribed by your GP or clinician.

Man on bicycle riding on a coastal road in Mallorca

CONOTRANE for bicyclists

In the realm of bicycling woes, saddle sores can turn a joyride into a pain-filled journey. Applying Conotrane can help ease typical symptoms and saddle sores after long bike rides:

  1. mild chaffing/abrasion (inflamed skin)
  2. acne type lumps (follicular infection)
  3. abscess

The first two of the symptoms previously mentioned can be treated with creams and the following regime post ride:

  • Clean and dry the affected area thoroughly.
  • Use antiseptic cream such as Conotrane and let area breathe if possible, overnight.
  • Next day: clean and dry the area again.
  • Apply chamois cream to reduce risk of further abrasion (Conotrane is a treatment cream so won’t reduce friction).
  • Adjust your saddle position slightly to relieve pressure on the spot in question.
  • Please note that if your sore has got to Stage 3 above (an abscess), you are likely to require oral antibiotics and should see a doctor.