Application Guide

If a lower limb is to be bandaged, after preparing the limb, begin at the base of the toes, working upwards. Wrap the chosen bandage around the foot loosely.  With each turn, create a pleat on top of the foot, folding the bandage back on itself. Cover the heel and ankle and then cut the bandage at the ankle.  

Next, recommence bandaging again upwards from the ankle, remembering to pleat the bandage with every turn.  

The pleating method ensures that in the event of the limb swelling, the bandage will not tighten and create a ‘tourniquet effect’.  

If an upper limb is to be bandaged, carry out the same pleating technique to avoid tightening. When complete, smooth down the bandage and add your chosen method of coverage**.  

Alternatively, paste bandages may be applied by simply cutting strips of the bandage and applying to the affected areas before covering, for example, to the inner elbow in the case of atopic eczema and other skin conditions.

The same application method applies for both Ichthopaste and Viscopaste Bandages. To remove a paste bandage, gently unwind and discard. In the interests of safety DO NOT cut the bandage away

**Always carry out a vascular assessment before applying compression therapy